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Affiliate LWS Record Request

Affiliates needing an LWS record to be created for Epic printing.

AppLocker Request

AppLocker assistance.


Bed Planning

Bed Planning Assistance

Billing or Charging

Hospital Billing, Professional Billing, Home Health, and Patient Charges


Covenant Connect Access Request

Service for Business Associate Addendum form (CovConnect).

Covenant Connect Issue

Report an issue with Covenant Connect



Clinical documentation, notes, flowsheets, assessments, plan of care, medication administration (MAR)


Enable Provider for Virtual Visits

Service request for virtual visits


Fax Update

To add a fax number to your printers RightFax address book.

Finance System ERP

Report incident with the Leadership Dashboard or Access


General IT Support / Request

Not finding the specific service you are looking for? Request information or assistance here and the IT Service Desk will do its best to help you out (or point you in the right direction).

*Please note: There may be a delay in service response by selecting this request. You will receive faster service if you request assistance by selecting a specific service from the Service Catalog*


Hardware Incident

WoW cart(s), PC, Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Tablet(s), Printer(s), Scanner(s), File Restore, Virus/Malware/SPAM issue, etc. AvaSys Camera RMA is also included in this Request.


Manage health information, release of information, deficiencies, coding of accounts

Human Resources Compensation Request

Service for HR Compensation investigations.

Human Resources System ERP

Report incident with Workforce Management (WFM), Shift Maker, Time Off Planner, Time Review, Self-Scheduling, Time Off Request, Talent Management, Halogen, Employee Space, Manager Space.



EMR Imaging service request

Imaging Scheduling

Scheduling for Imaging services.


Report any interface issues with Epic, OpenLink, HL7.

Issue/Error with Existing Report

Use this to report an issue with an existing report or data set.

IT Project Request

Submit a new project idea for consideration.

IT Purchase Request

Request new IT equipment such as computers, laptops, WoW's, monitors, software, etc.

*If you need to order Vocera equipment, please do this via Lawson Requisition Center. Please note that badges will require extra time to be delivered as these will need to be configured by IT.
Please see this Knowledge Base article:


Lab Interface

Interfaces that work with the Lab instrumentation


Collecting and processing samples, lab results, or lab orders.

LMS Education - Halogen

Education requests for Covenant employees



Willow, ordering, verifying, preparing, dispensing, and charging medications.

Mobile Apps EMR

Report incident with Haiku, Cantu, Rover

Mobile Device Management Authorization Form

Service to access mobile applications including Vocera.

Move Computer and/or Phone

Need to move IT equipment and/or phone to another location

MyChart - Tech Issue

Report MyChart technical issues.

MyChart Support - Patients

MyChart support for patients (password reset, activate account, etc.)

MyChart Video Support (Patient)

To report issues with Virtual Visits (InTouchHealth)



Report a network incident with wired/Wi-Fi, Affiliate, remote VPN, vendor network.

New User/Update Access

NON-PROVIDER users are created or access updated with this service.



Finding orders, placing orders, editing order details, signing and co-signing, printing labels.

Other Device (Not Interface)

Report an incident with a device other than an interface



PACS images incident

PACS Access Request

Request PACS access.

Password Reset

Request a password reset for an application or network access.

Patient Chart(s)

Duplicate chart, merge chart/records, or wrong chart/record

Patient List, Tracking, or Board

Big White Board, Track Board, Grease Board, Status Board, Patient Lists, ED Manager, ED Map

Patient Registration

Assistance with Patient Registration

Payroll System ERP

Report incident with Payroll, Self Service Portal, Mycheckonline

Phone, Voicemail, or Fax

Request new or report an incident with a desk or wall phone, voicemail, fax, or phone system, or move an existing phone/fax.

Physician Lounge

eCovenantIT physician lounge EMR support

PIU (Provider Information Update)

Request a Provider Information Update to Add, Change, Re-Activate, or In-Activate a provider.


Quality Measure or Regulatory


Report Completion of Security Risk Analysis (SRA)

Use this service to report the completion of Security Risk Analysis.

Report EPCS Incident on Smartphone

Report an incident with EPCS app on provider smartphone

Report Software Incident

Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, Citrix, RightFax, Internet Explorer, MModal/Transcription, OnBase etc.

Request a new location or department for existing provider

Request build and configuration for a new location for an existing provider.

Request a new provider for an existing office

Request build and configuration for a new provider joining an existing practice.

Request a new provider office

Request build and configuration for a new provider office.

Request a New Report or Assistance with an Existing Report

Use this to request a new report or if you need assistance with an existing report.

Request EPCS on Smartphone

Request EPCS app on provider smartphone.

Request Epic Access - Clinical Students

Epic access requests for clinical students

Request Epic Training - Non-Students

Epic training requests for physicians; learning home dashboards; and tip sheets.

Request New Visit Type or Questionnaire

Request a new Questionnaire or a new Visit Type

Request Software Access or Authorization

Request access or authorization to existing software.


Scanned Document Issue

An issue related to a document scanned into Epic (OnBase)..


Scheduling patient appointments, Change to Provider Schedule

Scheurer LTC Issue


Report a security incident with an user account or application (Infor/Lawson, Epic, Network, etc.)

Special Optimization

Service type to indicate that a Ticket or Project is optimization that falls outside of annual maintenance and is billable.

Supply Chain ERP

Report incident with Requisition Center, Punchout, EDI, MSCM, Item Master Update,


Technical ERP

Report a technical incident with Workforce Management, Payroll, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance, or Lawson Printing issue for the eCovenantIT team.

Technical ERP Service Request

Reports, extracts, file requests for the Technical ERP team


Unlock User Account

Report account lockouts.


Vocera Badge Repair

Use this service request for repair of your Vocera badge.

Vocera User Issue

Report an incident with your Vocera service.