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Service Category for Addressing Issues related to the latest Epic Upgrade or other Issues and Items related to HealthCare at Covenant and our partners.

EPIC, Beaker, Syngo, PACs, OnBase (Scanning)

Service Category for Addressing Issues related to the new WFM product

Equipment Purchase Requests, Hardware, Software, Network, WiFi, Phones, Servers/Backend/Storage, Move Requests.

Service Request: Asking for a service to be performed.
Incident: Something is broken, an error or not working correctly.

Workforce Management, Payroll, Human Resources Systems, Finance, Supply Chain

Report and data requests including Epic and Infonet Reports.

Account/Password (Resets, Lockouts), Access to applications (including Epic & PACS), Provider Information Updates, Security

Tip Sheets, Training, Education requests

Submit a request for a project.

Update requests for CovNet or

Services (1)

Special Optimization

Service type to indicate that a Ticket or Project is optimization that falls outside of annual maintenance and is billable.