Electronic Medical Records

EPIC, Beaker, Syngo, PACs, OnBase (Scanning)

Categories (10)

Device or Interface Related

Devices that are interfaced with electronic medical record, PACS, Blood Glucose Monitors (BGM), Virtual Visits (InTouchHealth)

Documentation or Order Entry

Documentation, case request, patient chart, orders, medication, lab, OnBase (Scanning), or imaging.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps (Haiku, Canto, or Rover) or EPCS


Request service with MyChart.

Patient Access, Registration, or Scheduling

Scheduling, patient lists, big boards, tracking, bed planning, ADT, workqueues.

Quality Measure or Regulatory

Report a quality measure or regulatory issue.

Revenue Cycle & HIM

Report a billing, charging, HIM, coding issue.


EMR security related (user access, user information, unable to access)

Covenant Connect

Patient record web based access for non-Covenant providers

Services (1)

Physician Lounge

eCovenantIT physician lounge EMR support